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Richard Crossman Medical Narration

About Richard Crossman Medical Narration

You need to engage your listeners so they retain important information. But, often medical narration pieces can be long and contain highly technical language.  

You need somebody who can find the story, and keep listeners listening. Someone who has an ease with medical terminology, is articulate, and genuine in their presentation.

Getting a medical narration recorded, edited, and delivered can take a lot of time. So you want someone with great recording equipment and editing skills.

Richard Crossman is a trained and certified medical narration specialist with a fully-equipped home studio. With broadcast-quality audio and a fast turnaround, he has the expertise to solve all your medical narration needs.

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Richard is a former secondary school teacher and college professor. He is used to engaging his students using his myriad storytelling skills. 

He is articulate and proficient in a great deal of technical language. He can find the story in whatever he is narrating and relay that story to the listener in a way that will hold their interest and help them retain what they hear. 

As a stage and screen actor with many years of experience, he has lots of practice holding the attention of an audience.

Richard works in a professional home studio with state-of-the-art recording and editing equipment and he works quickly and diligently to record, edit and return the project as quickly as possible. Some small projects can be turned around in less than 24 hours.

Solve your medical narration needs today, and contact Richard for your next medical narration.

Work with a Certified Medical Narrator

It can be frustrating trying to find someone who is not only proficient with medical terminology but can also engage your listeners with effective vocal delivery.

People are more likely to disengage when listening to an inexperienced medical narrator, and as a result, comprehension AND sales will decrease.

A Certified Medical Narration Specialist participates in extensive training, so they are a huge asset in overcoming these issues. Richard’s goal is to help you engage your audience so they relate to your content and retain it.

Find out what a difference it can make to meet your goals by working with a Certified Medical Narrator! It’s easy…

Step 1: Discuss your project

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First things first; you and Richard will discuss your specific needs and parameters. These are things like your target market and demographic, along with the intention of the project. Some questions we will explore are:

Who is the audience for your project? Are they patients, doctors, or the general public?

Richard will provide you with samples of different vocal styles that he can deliver, and confirm exactly what is needed for file delivery.

You will also discuss and confirm the rate and usage for your project.

Step 2: Record and edit your script

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Richard will record the script provided, either independently or in a live-directed session. He will edit the audio to your specifications including file splitting, and naming conventions.

When recording and editing are complete, you will receive the audio files via your preferred method.

Step 3: Project Completion

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If no performance edits or script changes are required, Richard will invoice you promptly and complete your project. Your total satisfaction is always a top priority!

Make medical eLearning more enjoyable!

Medical Narration Portfolio

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  • Macular Degeneration
  • Emergency
  • Chancroid and Syphilis Clinica
  • Healthcare Workers
  • Cancer Treatment
  • Androgynous
  • Bone Health


Richard’s voiceover work is always top-notch! We have used his services for several projects now and are always so appreciative of his time, skill, and professionalism. His voiceover work adds a level of familiarity, warmth, and personality to our online courses and online exhibits. As a seasoned actor, I’ve seen Richard’s range in bringing the right voice to whatever the project may be. I highly recommend recruiting Richard for any voiceover work needed for digital or online content!


Operations and Communications Coordinator

I went on a desperate search for last minute voice over work for a training course that required voicing multiple stories. It was complex and I had complex requirements. He was one of the the first to get me the material back, professionally edited, and in a format that allowed me to drop and go. His communication was excellent and, when I had a few small changes to be made, he quickly got them done and back to me, with the same values as the originals.

I strongly recommend Richard and hope to have occasion to work with him again soon!


Learning Strategist and Consultant


Connect with Richard today to discuss your medical narration needs.

If you are requesting a quote, please let Richard know approximately how many words are in your medical narration script, where this project will be distributed (internal use, or TV broadcast for example), and for how long (months, years?).

Thank you so much!